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When you are gold shinobi, then you are allowed to use blocked functions to train your shinobi at 100%. Gold shinobi cost is one donation for 50 zł.


Number of missions Feature dramatically increased! Stand up to the Fourth Great Shinobi War, destroying troops Akatsuki, and then determine the fate of the main antagonists of the series. Be the one who creates the story, rather than passively watching her. After completing 200 missions roleplaying get the opportunity to become a Kage. As a result, you will automatically receive access to the Policy Villages, being able to spend the war and manage the territory of their village. You alone decide the fate of the world.


Fly through the shinobi world becoming like a dream character. Take advantage of this formula, and then create your perfect look. You also can choose free of any form of peel, and bypasses the lock occupied profiles as being able to be who you want. You also get the opportunity to create their own recall. After approval by the administration will get it in the game. In addition to being a Gold Shinobi get unique golden color character name that will distinguish you from the rest, and your own avatar on the cottage also adds an element of uniqueness.


Do not rely on common objects. Create your own using these patterns, matching their skills so as to dovetail with your style of play. The same applies techniques.


New Level of difficulty: Hell! Gained experience increases twice. Earned points Tai, Ken, Shu, Nin, Gen 5 and the basic nature of chakra increase threefold. As a Gold Shinobi are automatically given an opportunity to establish its own organization according to this formula. In addition, the place taught techniques increases by up to 100 seats, and the buttons F3-F12 unlocked for use as a quick use jutsu! You also have the ability to master the 5 chakra natures.

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