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You can support Naruto New World by donating. Then, you will get Yang Points for your character.

5 Euro – 400 Yang

Donate mail: nnw2dpremium@gmail.com

You can also send mail, and ask admin for activate function for you after donating!

Donate method [Tutorial for activate Premium]

1.Online bank transfer account: 97132015372508831330000001, Receiver: Daniel Bulsa, Title: Character Name.

2.PayPal: nnw2dpremium@gmail.com, Title: Character Name.

15 EuroGold ShinobiBecome a supporter of the game supporting its development. You will get a unique look, own equipment, own jutsu and an opportunity to establish the organization. Skills training is three times faster. In addition, you will unlock difficulty level Hell, which will increase the gained experience.
150Change coachChange the coach. Choose Jiraiya, Orochimaru or Tsunade.
150Change villageChoose new village.
200Change chakra natureSelect new chakra nature. Learned jutsu will stay.
20010 Yin pointsSpecial in-game currency that you can spend on the unique nature of chakra, special techniques, and previously unavailable objects.
200Prophecy resetOpportunity to change future.
400Change specializationSelect new specialization. Learned jutsu will stay.
400Change clanSelect new clan. Learned jutsu will stay.
500Leave organizationChange your ninja way.
500Perks ResetChange your ninja way. All attributes will be back.
600Second clanIncrease resource skills and techniques through the second clan. After purchasing visit the new coach.
800Premium JutsuThe opportunity to acquire premium jutsus.
1000Hide nick, health and chakraYou can hide informations about you on G/H.
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