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Going into the game you accept the following terms and conditions for the fracture can expect to lose an account and block the possibility of further continuation of the game on any account.

1.Multi-account – prohibits the use of two and more accounts during the entire game, if these work together by passing objects, any points, and to facilitate.

2.Vulgar language – prohibits using offensive language for other players or administration.

3.Using bugs – It prohibits the use of outdoor error, and forces you to immediately report it to the administration. If the administrator discovers that the player silently use the error found, it is considered guilty.

4.Obstruction – It prohibits the blocking move, and intentional blocking game to other users without a serious reason to do it.

5.Advertising – prohibits advertising of any pages with pornographic, competitive and considered offensive to other users.

6. Bijuu Blocks – It is allowed to have one demon on official account.

7.Premium Problems – You use Premium Functions knowing this tutorial.

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